Small Business Road Map

Strategis offers a tailored roadmap for small businesses, guiding growth-oriented owners from startup to succession with our comprehensive suite of services and experienced advisory.

Who We Serve & How

Our ideal clients are small businesses with annual revenue of $500k to $5M+ with growth-oriented owners who want to develop an effective, long-term relationship with a dedicated team to support their business. Our best clients appreciate the value of a proven road map developed and successfully used to help hundreds of business owners like you simplify their lives and gain clarity in running their businesses.

While each business is unique, there are common points that every owner must deal with, from forming a new company to growing it to maturity and ultimately passing control to the next generation or selling it. We have experience with each step along this path and can help you successfully navigate your journey.

Below is a partial list of the add-on services we can provide.

If you have any of the following questions, we can help.

I am buying or building a new building.
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What is the cost/benefit of having a cost segregation study prepared and what can I expect to gain by doing it?
I am ready to set up a 401k plan.
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Can you help me design the plan to maximize the benefits for myself and my employees?
I need to start saving for retirement.
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What plan is right for my family and my business?
What is the best entity type for tax purposes for my business or real estate investment?
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How should I structure my ownership and capital investment for tax and other business reasons?
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Why is reasonable compensation important and how much should I pay myself?
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When is it time to hire my first employee?
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Can’t I just call them an independent contractor and avoid that whole employee thing?
Do I need a will or trust?
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How do I minimize the cost, avoid probate, and simplify things for my family if something happens to me?
I need a business valuation for a buy-sell agreement, insurance, bringing on a new owner, estate planning, etc.
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What questions do I need to ask to make sure I get what I need?
I am thinking about retiring or I’ve had an offer to buy my business.
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How can I structure the transaction to minimize tax and maximize cash out? Should I retain an equity stake in the continuing business? What do I do with the money once I sell?

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